“Have a Cup of Cheer” Soda Bar


Recently, I needed to provide drinks for a recital and wanted to make it fun AND delicious. Soda bars are a HUGE hit, especially when there’s lots of families… And they are perfect for any holiday party or get together.

I’m providing instructions for MY particular soda bar, but the possibilities are actually endless, I’m sure I could write an entire book on the beauty and deliciousness that is soda.

Materials needed:
– Big roll of black paper
– White Chalkboard paint pen (I got mine at a craft store)
This beautiful gold and silver Paper Wheel Set
Black and White tissue wheels
– 2-Liter Bottles of the following: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Rootbeer
– Torani Syrup (don’t forget the pumps!) in the following flavors: Toasted Marshmallow, Caramel, Cherry, Coconut, Vanilla (most of these can be found on Amazon or a specialty drink stores)
– Whipped Cream and half & half
– Pebble Ice (It is a scientific fact that pebble ice is the best kind of ice for soda.)
– Sliced key limes and gummy bears
– Cups (these and these were used)
– Straws (these and these were used… I am SO in love with those gold straws, I think they’ll be a permanent staple in my home.)

First, you’ll need to create your menu. This will help your guests create their drink concoctions easily. I divided my menu by soda type and listed some combinations underneath each. (It’s also fun to come up with your own names for each recipe, like “Fireside Treat” for Toasted Marshmallow + Root Beer.)

Here’s what I came up with*:
Coke & Diet Coke
Cherry + Coconut
Coconut +Lime
Cherry + Lime
Coconut + Vanilla
Coconut + Vanilla + Cream

Root Beer
Toasted Marshmallow
Vanilla + Caramel
Cream + Caramel
Marshmallow + Cream

Cherry + Lime
Cherry + Gummy Bears
Lime + Coconut + Cream
Cream + Cherry

*Obviously there are more combinations, but these seem to be the most tried and true.

Next, write your menu using the white paint pen on the large sheet of black paper. (Maybe I enlisted my friend to do it because she is a master calligraphist?)

Proudly hang your menu behind your serving table, surrounded by this glorious paper fan set that looks perfect for a Christmas or New Year’s shindig. Also I highly recommend serving popcorn and cookies as they are the perfect side dish for soda.

Watch as your friends “Oooo and Ahhhh” as they sip and slurp their delicious drinks. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Merry Soda-Drinking!!!

Other sources:
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