“Merry Merry” Balloon Letters

I absolutely LOVE balloon letters! They are an inexpensive way to say anything you want in a BIG way.

I wanted to throw a quick party for my daughter’s preschool. I’m all about a bright and happy Christmas for kids, so I chose “Merry Merry”!

This is a super easy tutorial to change the letters to match your party setup!

Materials needed:
Mylar Balloon Letters
– Spray paint in any color! (I used this spray paint and was able to spray 10 letters, with about a third of paint leftover.)
– A large sheet of paper, plastic, newspaper, etc. to spray your letters on.
– Scotch tape
Baker’s twine (or any string/ribbon you want to use to hang your letters)

1. Begin by blowing up your balloons… you’ll need them expanded so that you reach all of the inside crevices when you paint.

2. Lay out a large sheet of paper/plastic/newspaper. Tape your letters to the paper to prevent them from blowing away. This is very important!

3. Spray your letters. Make sure you get all the crevices and sides of the letters to cover the silver. I only did one coat, but two may be required, depending on the paint you use. Allow them plenty of time to dry.

4. If you want to create a banner with the letters, turn them over and put them in backwards order. Lay the string along the top of the letters and tape it down. (You can also tape them directly to your wall! But be sure to use painters tape.)

5. Hang and enjoy!

This would make a perfect photo backdrop or a great surprise for someone’s birthday… Add Just Artifact party supplies and you’ve got a party!!

Have a Merry Merry time coloring your letters!

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