Advent Calendar

The countdown is on!

It’s time to prepare your advent for your countdown until Christmas! This one is so easy, inexpensive, and quick to assemble. The best part of this project is that there are so many different Christmas colors and variations on Just Artifacts to make this your own.

Supplies needed:
Striped treat bags
Red tinsel
Washi tape
White glitter clothespins
– Printout of 1-24 numbers (stamps or stickers will work too!)
– Various prizes, candies, etc. for all 24 days (I got most of mine from the dollar store. You also want your things to be fairly light so it doesn’t weigh down the strand too much.)
– Push pins

1. Place objects in treat bags. Tape them shut with the washi tape (I taped the numbers down too, but you can glue/stamp/stick the numbers on.)

2. Clip the first 12 bags on a tinsel strand, and the second set to another strand.

3. Tack the ends of the strands to the wall. (I hung mine fairly low so the kids can easily get them down.)


This is such a fun way to countdown until Christmas!

Other resources: Honeycomb tree ornaments, Honeycomb orb tree ornaments,

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