40 ideas for Fall Shower Party Favors

Throwing a shower during the fall season? Whether you’re throwing a bridal or baby shower, we’ve got you covered.

Before we get started… how beautiful and rich are these fall colors on these tissue tassels?? (And making a fall banner is so easy with these gold glitter letters: “Falling in Love” for a bridal shower; “Welcome Little Pumpkin” or “Fall in Love with Baby ______” for a baby shower.

Putting together these gifts are as simple as making some cute tags to apply to some inexpensive, cozy, delicious party favors!  I printed a small photo (engagement, baby bump, ultrasound photos, etc.) to attach to some kraft tags, and glued some fake leaves on (real leaves are difficult to come by in Arizona), and tied them on using my favorite bakers twine:

All of the party favor gifts are about $3 or less… perfect for a large group!

Also, Just Artifacts has some perfectly mini and inexpensive containers to put favors in! Mini buckets, popcorn boxes, berry baskets, and treat bags are just a few you can try. 

Here we go:
1. Bottles of handsoap (in pumpkin, caramel, spice flavors)

2. S’more’s kits – 2-4 marshmallows, 2 sheets of graham crackers, 1 chocolate bar wrapped in a cellophane bag
3. A bag or jar of a fall trail mix
4. An orange or yellow shower poof and fall-scented soap
5. Mini cans of soda or sparkling drink:

6. Apples + caramel apple dip in mini jars
7. Hot cocoa kits – a mug, cocoa packets, chocolate chips, marshmallows
8. Fall-scented mini candles:

9. A sachet of mulling spices to bring fall scents to their homes
10. Giant gourmet suckers:

11. Packet of seeds to plant during autumn season
12. Mini jars of honey
13. Apple cider kits – packets of apple cider mix, caramel, caramel apple suckers:

14. A popcorn mix bar: popcorn, M&M’s, nuts, candy corn, etc.
15. Mini bottles of Martinelli’s (found at the dollar store)

16. Mini pumpkins with ribbons tied to the stem
17. Hair ties and/or bobby pins
18. Personalized homemade recipe cards (and treats!):

19. Mini apple and pumpkin pies (found in the Walmart baking section)
20. These mini Pirouline Cookie tins (found at the dollar store… great with a side of hot chocolate!)

21. Jars of popcorn kernels
22. Caramel apples
23. Fall candy buckets (usually stores where candy is sold in bulk is a great place to find a variety of fall colored/flavored candies.

24. A mini jar of fall-colored sprinkles
25. A mini cutting board (found at the dollar store):

26. Leaf or pumpkin cookie cutters with your favorite cookie recipe attached
27. A leaf crown kit
28. A mini loaf of pumpkin bread
29. A pumpkin muffin mix with muffin cups attached
30. Cozy fall socks:

31. A jar of homemade cinnamon honey butter
32. A jar of homemade jam
33. A package of paper straws
34. Pumpkin spice rice krispy treats
35. Dish towel with a mini spatula attached:

36. A Thankful journal
37. A wooden spoon with your favorite chili recipe attached to it
38. Pumpkin Spice donuts (in mini boxes)
39. Pinecone fire starter favors
40. Nail polish in rich, deep fall colors

These gifts not only are inexpensive and handy, but your guests will ADORE them!

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