A Candy Corn Carnival Game

Need an easy game idea for your next Fall Festival? This candy corn balloon game is so easy and inexpensive to put together!

Materials Needed:
– 5-10 White, 15-20 Orange, and 20-25 Yellow balloons
– Large Cardboard Sheet (I used a 3X5 ft. cardboard sheet.)
– White sheet of paper (Poster board, wrapping paper will do!)
– White Duct tape
White, Orange, and Yellow confetti
– Darts for game
– Prizes for inside the balloons (These containers are great to fill with little prizes or cash, party blowers, candy, etc.)

1. Cover the cardboard sheet with white paper. (I wrapped the paper and duct taped it to the back of the sheet.)

2. Before inflating the balloons, stuff the confetti and prizes inside the balloons.
3. Blow up the balloons to about half their size. (Depending on how big/small your cardboard sheet is, you can inflate them larger or smaller.) Tie the ends.
4. Place a strip of duct tape on the neck of the balloon, and tape it on the cardboard. (I started with the white balloons on top followed by orange then yellow, and worked my way down.

5. Hang or place the board against a wall. Watch the prizes and confetti burst out of the balloons! (And make sure you supervise children when they handle those darts!)

This game will surely be a sweet hit!! Happy Fall!!


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