Are You Kitten Me?! Kitty Cat Party

It took a while to narrow down the theme for my daughter’s second birthday party. Yes, I love myself a good party theme, so I rarely throw a party without one. Once I heard the phrase, “Are you kitten me” involved with a cat theme, I was hooked. Sloane loves kitties, and I became obsessed with making a kitty cake, and so it was decided. There were a lot of different directions I could go with the theme, but I decided to go minimal. Not too much cat, not too much color.

One of my favorite parts of this party was the “kitty corner” (Oh, FYI, if you’re going to throw a cat party, be prepared for a lot of cat puns).

When planning a party with little kids, it’s a good idea to plan activities for them -or else they’ll just end up running around the house like a bunch of crazies. I set aside this little area just for the kiddos. They were huge fans of the party blowers and kitty ears. And some of the little party guests ended up coloring the entire time they were here:) 

I didn’t end up needing to do many DIYs for this party (which was very new for me), because I was able to find all the supplies I needed already ready to go -huge time saver! Plus, there were a few extra cookies after everyone left, so basically, this party was a huge success:)

Supplies: gold foil letter balloons,  cups, napkins, party blowers, hanging tissue honeycomb balls, paper straws, tissue confetti

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