5 easy ways to decorate for Halloween!

Fall is finally here! Once thing I love about fall (besides being able to break out my fall wardrobe, of course) is getting to decorate for all of the upcoming holidays! I say it’s never too early to start decorating ­čÖé Halloween is up first so today I am going to share my 5 easy ways that I (and you!!) can decorate for Halloween on a budget!

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is such a great invention. I use it for so many things when decorating! For Halloween, I made little vinyl bats to stick to my walls. They took about 5 minutes to make, stick, and viola! These little bats take up a nice chunk of wall space and are the beginning to everything I’m adding for my Halloween decorated front room. Best part of all is after Halloween is over, I can peel these guys off and swap them for vinyl leaves. The possibilities are endless! You could even try vinyl ghosts or spiders instead.


2. Door sayings.

Your front door needs some Halloween TLC, too! You can make a little sign or just use more vinyl like I did to add a fun little festive message to your front porch. I decided knock if you dare was the perfect little saying to add to my front door. As luck would have it, the front door is orange! It was meant to be, I guess.

3. Candy!

What even is Halloween without CANDY? I love having a little treat on display for guests (… or me) to munch on throughout the day. I love this time of year because it means lots and lots of candy corn! I filled up this mason jar and added a little washi tape to the top to tie it into Halloween and make it cuter than just a plain jar.

4. Lighting.

I always love some good, cute lighting. These black and orange lanterns were too perfect to add to my list of Halloween decorating secrets. When it gets a little closer to Halloween, I’ll add candles to these lanterns and really bring the Halloween vibes into our home. These lanterns are so easy to stick in little places and add so much to the space.

5. Paper lanterns!

Last but not least, these paper lanterns are the final touch to my Halloween inspired front room. I love how easy they are to hang and fill up a little corner. ┬áThere’s so many ways to hang them but I just liked them bunched together in the corner so that they really pop out.

Are you as excited for Halloween as I am?!

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