A Friendly Ghost Garland

My daughters are OBSESSED with Halloween. Buckets of candy, princess costumes, endless parties… what’s not to love?

Well, actually they don’t love being scared. I’ve had to gear my Halloween activities and decorations to more cute and friendly. Besides, there’s enough scary stuff in the stores and around the neighborhood.

So here it is… A Friendly Ghost Garland! This is so easy, so cute, and my girls weren’t repulsed by it. They actually squealed in delight when they saw it.

Supplies needed:
Mini white honeycombs (I used 7, but you can use as many as you want!)
White tassels for each honeycomb
– Black paper
– Scissors (or a circle punch)
– Hot glue gun
– A thin black ribbon

1. BEFORE unfolding the mini honeycomb, hot glue a tassel on the inside.

2. Unfold the honeycomb and paperclip it closed.

3. Using the hole punch OR scissors, cut some face features for the ghost. (Since, I needed mine more cutesy, I cut smiles and eyes with eyelashes)

4. Hot glue the face to the honeycomb ball.

5. Thread the ghosts onto the ribbon… Hang up and enjoy!

Add some “BOO” letter balloons to make it extra fun:

Happy Haunting!

(Other Sources: paper strawspolka-dot cups, striped cups, napkins, plates, white berry baskets)


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