Fall Leaf Garland

I love crepe paper because it’s so inexpensive and versatile! This is another fun project to do with it… just in time for fall! Look how cozy it makes my living room look:

And if you know how to sew a straight line, this project will be a cinch.

Materials needed:
Red, Yellow, and Orange Crepe Paper (Click the colors to purchase!)
– Scissors
– Sewing Machine, thread
– Ruler (optional)


1. Unroll the crepe paper.
2. Fold the sheet of paper three times.


3. Cut the paper into three sections… they will be about six inches each. (You’ll be able to see some faint lines on the paper to use as reference for cutting a straight lines.)


4. Take each of the three sections, and cut them about 4 inches across… You should have nine piles.
5. Take each pile and cut leaf shapes. (Remember… leaves don’t need to be perfect!)
6. Repeat cutting the leaves with all three colors. 


7. Make three color piles that are easily reachable. Run the sewing machine in a straight line by inserting each of the leaves through, alternating the colors. (I used a tan thread, any light color should work!)


Keep in mind that up close, it won’t look perfect… but, all together it will look so amazing!

I love this garland because you can hang it up or use it as a table runner… like so:

Have a beautiful and cozy Fall season!

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