It’s almost Fall and you know what that means: PIÑATA TIME!

Sure, piñatas aren’t normally used this time of year… UNTIL NOW. Let’s make a PIE piñata to celebrate this blessed season, when delicious pies are served more frequently! (And of course it’s gotta be a pumpkin pie.)

Materials Needed:

  • Large Sheets of Cardboard (Large boxes will do just fine. I usually go to Costco and swipe the large cardboard sheets that separate their stacks of merchandise.)
  • Ruler or yardstick
  • Marker
  • Boxcutter
  • Masking or packaging tape
  • Glue (I use tacky glue, but any glue should work.)
  • Scissors
  • Crepe Paper Sheets in apricot, orange, and white <— links to get the paper!
  • A thin rope or string and duct tape (to hang)

1. Begin by drawing a baseline 18 inches across. Find the center of that line (at the 9 inch point), and draw a 20 inch line perpendicular to the first line. Then, draw a line from each of the ends of the baseline meeting at the top of the perpendicular line. (This method will ensure that the sides of the triangle are equal.) Draw a curved line underneath the baseline (this is the rounded crust part of the pie).

2. Using a box cutter, cut out your pie shape. Trace it onto another piece of cardboard and cut a SECOND pie shape. Cut a few long strips of cardboard 6-7 inches wide. These pieces will be the SIDE of the pie.

3. Tape the strips on the sides of the triangles to create a 3D pie shape. Use several pieces of masking tape to ensure that your piñata is sturdy (and can handle a beating). Tape the second triangle on the bottom of the strips to enclose your pie shape.

4. Cut the orange, apricot, and white crepe paper into strips about 2 inches wide. With the strips still folded, cut fringes along the bottom of the strips about a centimeter apart.

5. Now imagine having a slice in front of you and picture where the crust is on your pie. This will be where you put the apricot fringe on your piñata. Glue it on the bottom side, curved side, and a few fringe rows on the bottom of the sides of the triangle.

6. Now the filling! Glue the orange fringe on the rest of the sides and the top.

7. Now we’re going to finish the top of the crust! Trace the curved side of the pie onto cardboard and cut three curved pieces that are about two inches wide. Tape or glue the three pieces one on top of the other… this will create dimension. Then, wrap and glue a strip of apricot crepe paper around the curved cardboard stack until it’s covered.

8. Glue the crust onto the top of the pie.

9. What’s pumpkin pie without whipped cream?? Cut out a cardboard circle that has a 10-inch diameter. Draw a 5-inch line from the center to the side of circle…. cut a slit on that radius. Create a cone with a WIDE base by sliding the sides of the slit on top of each other about two inches in and glue.

10. Starting from the bottom of the base of the cone, glue the white fringe along the top.

11. Glue the whipped cream cone on top of the pie.

Done!! I’ve never seen a piñata look so delicious:

The great thing about pie piñatas (other than the fact it looks so delicious), is you can make more than one kind of pie! Here’s a cherry one using red crepe paper instead of orange:

(You could also make a blueberry or blackberry one using purple paper!)

Cut a slit on the top to stuff your candy inside. I use duct tape to attach a thin rope/string to hang the piñata.

Happy happy Pie Season!!!


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