DIY Hanging Flamingo Poms

It’s springtime, but it’s getting closer to summer. It’s starting to warm up, more fun fruits are in season, and pink is all the rage. It is now the time to be planning your first flamingo party of the year. Whether it’s a cute flamingo-themed baby shower, a “last flamingle” bridal shower, a pool party, or a birthday party for someone obsessed with anything pink, this decor is going to be your jam.

To begin, you’ll need some pink mini tissue honeycombs, pink card stock, black card stock, scissors, and tape.

First, trace out some flamingo torsos and legs. I sketched out one, then tested out how it looked proportionally with the honeycomb ball (my first one was way to small). Once it looks right, trace out the rest. I drew on the black beak and eyes with a good sharpie.

Attach torso and legs to inside of honeycomb ball using tape, as seen above. Then, open honeycomb and secure. Hang and voila! It’s flamingo time.

How cute are they with these pineapple honeycombs?! Love this pairing. These flamingos go awesome with bright tropical colors, but pastels also look so cute. So many party possibilities.

Now, who’s ready to flamingle???

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