Confetti Easter Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start busting out all the Easter candy. All the Cadbury eggs, please. Oh, also, don’t forget about the Easter crafts. Those are important too. And the most traditional craft/activity for Easter, would definitely be decorating Easter eggs. There are so many ways now to make Easter eggs look amazing. I love this fun little spin on traditional egg decorating. It’s really simple – and doesn’t make a huge mess!

Supplies needed: hard boiled eggs, simple egg dye kit, tissue confetti, mod podge.

First, dye your eggs. I wanted mine to be simple pastel colors, so I only left them in the dye for like five seconds:) Let sit and dry.

Next, you’re going to lightly coat your first egg with some mod podge. Before it drys, apply tissue confetti however you’d like. You can roll the egg in it, or apply each piece individually.

After the confetti is applied, you’ll coat the egg in another light coat of mod podge, to help to confetti lay flat and stay in place.

Repeat for each egg you’ll be decorating.

Once you’re done, you can arrange the eggs in a cute centerpiece, or display however you’d like. Super easy and super cute. Happy Easter!

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