DIY Tissue Pom Backdrop

This tissue pom backdrop is simple, but perfect for so many occasions. It gives that pop of color and texture any party or shower needs. And the color combinations are endless! The look can be completely changed up, depending on how you space out the tissue poms. Keep them close to make a bigger statement, or space them out to keep things simple. I spaced mine about eight inches and I think it makes a great backdrop for a baby shower.

I used about 25 6″ tissue paper pom poms for my simple backdrop.

The tissue paper pom poms came with a ribbon tied in the center, but I switched it out for white thread, so it would be less noticeable hanging on the wall. I used a 12″ long thread for each one, double knotted snuggly in the center.

With the thread attached, simply fluff out the tissue paper pom pom as the instructions on the packaging describe. Once all the poms are fluffed, lay them out how you would like them arranged on your wall. Tie the thread together between poms to create each strand. I made 5 strands of 5 poms each.

I made things simple and just hung each strand with some washi tape.

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