DIY Confetti Mug

I love this DIY confetti mug tutorial for many reasons. Mostly because it’s sooooo easy! And you could use this technique to add personality/cuteness to so many other things. Think of the gift possibilities, people! I chose to make a confetti mug because my mugs are all pretty boring …and confetti anything is basically my favorite right now.

To begin, you’ll need: a blank ceramic mug (or ceramic bowl, cup, plate, etc…), dishwasher safe Mod Podge, a sponge brush, and tissue confetti in your favorite colors.

First, make sure the surface you’re decorating is clean and dry. Then, brush on a very light layer of the Mod Podge in about a 1″ x 1″ area. Working in small areas at a time makes the project easier and less messy. After the Mod Podge is applied, stick on a few pieces of the tissue paper confetti, arranged however you like. Make sure to only apply the decoration to the places on your mug where you won’t be drinking from (avoid the inside and the rim where your mouth will be).

Continue working with small spaces at a time until you have stuck on confetti everywhere you like on your mug.

Next, apply a thin coat of the Mod Podge over each confetti piece to help seal them to the surface. Wait until the layer is dry before applying another layer of Mod Podge. You’ll want to apply around 2-3 layers on top of the confetti.

Once the surface is completely dry, you’re done! Refer to directions on the Mod Podge label for more detail on cleaning your piece.

Fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy!

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