Tiny Valentine’s Day Banner

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so this simple DIY is perfect for preparing for the lovey-est day of the year. All you need is some cute washi tape and some awesome scissor skills. Also, this letter template can be quite helpful.

To begin, print out the letter template onto an 8.5” x 11” sheet of white cardstock.

Next, start covering each letter with the washi tape. Feel free to use all kinds of patterns and colors to personalize your banner.

Once all the letters are covered, you’ll then cut them out. I had to use an exact-o knife to get the centers cut out of a few letters, but scissors worked fine for everything else.

Ok, confession: I kind of messed up the first time I did this. I made the template wrong. I connected the letters at their bottoms (as seen above), instead of at their tops. It works so much better to have them connect at the tops, so all you have to do is fold them over around your twine. Don’t worry, the letter template I provided for you is fixed 🙂 )

After folding them over onto the twine, you simply need to glue the bottoms of each letter to hold them closed around the twine. If you don’t add glue to the tops of the letters, where the twine runs through, then the letters can be moved. Once all of the letter are folded over the twine and glued, your banner is ready to hang anywhere you want to bring a little extra Valentine’s Day décor.

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