New Year’s Eve Party Hats

10 …9 …8 …7 …6 …you know where I’m going with this.

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! One of the most fun ways to bring in the New Year is spending it with people who make you happy. And if that happens to be at a party with lots of food and music, even better. Whether it be a big blowout or small get together, your New Year’s festivities are not complete without some festive accessories. These hats fit perfectly into that category (yay!). Plus, they’re so simple to make (double yay!).

Supplies needed: Cute patterned hats, embellishments (glitter, glue, string, stickers, pom poms, pipe cleaners …get as crazy as you want with these).

These hats fold together really easily. Once you have a few put together, start decorating. I went the glue/glitter route. I just used a glue stick in a few places, then sprinkled the glitter on it (I made sure to place a paper plate underneath, to minimize the inevitable glitter mess). I like the little pops of sparkle here and there.  And then I created some pom poms for the tops using string . Here is a simple DIY that explains how to create these pom poms.

Another fun idea could be to glue the numbers 2 0 1 7 on your hats or fun phrases like “Happy New Year!” or “Cheers!” or a countdown or something like that. The possibilities are endless (unlike 2016).

Have a safe and happy new year!

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