Hanging Christmas Terrariums

Sometimes, decorating for the holidays can be hard (or maybe I’m just too picky. Haha “maybe”??). I usually struggle with finding holiday decor I love, and that still fits in with the aesthetic of my home. But, when it came to these hanging Christmas terrariums, it was a no brainer. I already use hanging terrariums in my home, so this was perfect! Plus, these glass terrariums have a flat bottom, so they can basically be placed anywhere to bring in a little extra Christmas cheer. Another plus, this super simple holiday DIY took less than half an hour and yields an adorable modern winter wonderland result. Score.

Supplies needed: glass terrariums in a few sizes, fake snow, miniature trees and figures, fishing line, other cute hanging decor

I filled the bottom of each glass terrarium first with fake snow. Then, I began placing the miniatures. You could easily glue the miniature to the bottom of the terrarium, but I didn’t find that I needed to.

The larger trees I had were too tall for my glass terrariums, so I gave them a little trim. I’m not the best tree trimmer, but I figured since these will be hanging, it won’t be that noticeable. Right? Right??

If hanging, I suggest looping the line to hang, that way there are less knots (you only have to tie them at the top -I hung mine from my dining room chandelier), and it gives a cleaner look in my opinion. Voila! You’re done. A simple Christmas DIY that all of your guests will be raving about.

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