Paper Lantern Turkeys

Tis the season for gratitude. A few things I’m grateful for lately include beautiful weather, pumpkin spice, leftover Halloween candy …and these cute paper lantern turkeys to dress up your Thanksgiving table decor. An added bonus: these could actually be a fun activity for the kid’s table. They’re simple enough for the little ones to make on their own!

To begin, all you need is: mini brown paper lanterns, construction paper in multiple colors, glue or tape (I used a glue gun), scissors, and a pen.

First, cut out paper feathers in multiple colors. Each about the length of half a piece of paper. Then I cut out the turkey head/neck shape, beak, and snood (did you know that’s what it’s called?).

Glue the beak and snood to the turkey’s face, then glue the head/neck to the front of the paper lantern. Next, arrange 6-7 feathers and then glue to the back of the paper lantern. Finish by drawing eyes on your turkey and you’re done! These could be placed on the table as a decoration, or hung and used as a lantern

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