Halloween Crepe Paper Wreath

Crepe paper has quickly become on of my favorite mediums to work with when crafting. It is easy to work with, has amazing texture, and can be manipulated to create form in many different ways. So, when planning a Halloween wreath DIY, I knew crepe paper needed to be involved.

This wreath was so easy and I love the end result. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spook up your front door (but it doesn’t look like it was quick and easy), this is the Halloween DIY for you!

You’ll need: A foam wreath (mine was green, but I spray painted it black), a roll of black crepe paper, any other colors of crepe paper you want to use for embellishment, bat decorations, scissors, hot glue, and string or ribbon for hanging.

First, I rolled out and cut a 12″ piece of crepe paper. It made a 12″ x 18″ rectangle.

I folded the rectangle in half, with the 12″ sides meeting up with each other (aka “hamburger style”). I cut the rectangle in half along the fold. Then I held those pieces together and folded them in half again, cutting along the fold again. I repeated this until I ended up with a bunch of small rectangles (about 3″ x 5″). I then cut the rectangles into long football shapes. You can cut a bunch at the same time if you’d like.

I ended up using 39 of these “long football”/leaf shapes for my wreath.

Once the shapes are prepped, choose three and begin hot glueing. I glued the middle one first, then did the two side ones.

Overlap the next set of three about an inch over the previous three. Continue all the way around the wreath. Make sure to glue your last set of three under your first set, so that you complete the pattern.

For embellishments, I added some felt bats and crepe paper flowers (DIY available here). To finish, I glued a piece of twine to the back and then hung my new creepy (crepe-y) Halloween wreath:)

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