Candy Corn Tissue Poms

Candy corn. The official candy of the whole fall season. The candy that you don’t even realize you’ve eaten 50 of until it’s already too late and you’re feeling sick. But then you do the same thing again the next night. Because it’s just not really fall without some candy corn sprinkled into the mix. So why not get some party inspiration from these little tasty treats? Creating tissue paper poms that have a candy corn vibe is basically the best thing you can do for any fall or Halloween party you may have coming up. They’re really easy to make and they look so cute. Fact.

All you need are 6 tissue paper poms from HERE (I used 2 of each color), some string, and some candy corn to snack on while you’re creating.

First, open the tissue paper pom packs. Separate out 4 sheets of the orange, 4 sheets of the yellow, and 4 sheets of the white. Keep them stacked together though, as seen above.

Then combine the three colors into one stack, as seen below

Make sure the tissue paper sheets are stacked so that the folds all line up. Then fold the stack up, similar to how it was when you opened it.

Tie a string in the center. The long end is what you’ll use to hang the pom, so make sure it’s as long as you’ll be needing. Also, make sure the knot of the string is right over where the white tissue paper is. For example, in the photo below, I need to move the knot a little over to the right, so that it’s over the white paper. This will make it easier once your pom is done, because it makes the long sting hang right above the white part of the candy corn pom (which you want, because white is the top color on a candy corn).

Now unfold the tissue papers a bit and start separating each sheet. The tissue pom pom wrapper has detailed instructions on how to do this.  Don’t pull too hard, as the tissue can easily tear.

Once all the tissue paper is fanned out, arrange the tissue paper however you need to create a more round and even shape.

Then hang, eat some more candy corn, and party!

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