DIY custom washi tape pens for back to school!

Preparing kids to go back to school can be stressful! There’s the clothes shopping, but heaven forbid you suggest the wrong shirt, the planning, the supply shopping! So many different things that need to be done in order to prepare your kiddo and so many things they specifically need (that new backpack that EVERYONE has!) and it can become expensive pretty quickly. We all want our kids to be happy and feel confident while also not going too crazy with the spending. One thing to make things much easier is this super easy craft! It’s sure to be a hit and it’s cute and unique enough that your kids will love it, too!

We got a few pencils and pens together with our favorite washi tapes for this simple activity. Being an individual and staying unique is easy to express with so many different washi tapes to pick from, so have fun with it!

Get a pen or pencil ready to go and snag a washi tape to use first. All you have to do it wrap the pencil with washi tape strips. Do one strip at a time verses just wrapping the tape around the pen so that the pattern stays in line. So, after each strip, cut the tape and line the next one up just below the first, so simple! If you want to ensure it will stay wrapped, you can even mod podge the pen afterwords just for extra security.

Wrap as many pens and pencils as you’d like! It takes no time at all and who knows, maybe it will even start a new trend at school! Which washi tapes would you use for this craft?

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