DIY Giant Tassel Honeycomb Ball

Baby shower? Birthday party? Bridal shower? Wedding? Meeting you weight loss goal? Basically, any kind of celebration needs these giant tassel honeycomb balls. Next to you, they’ll be all that your party guests talk about. Plus, not only can they be customized to match any party, they’re also pretty simple to make. Score.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: large tissue honeycomb ball, tissue paper tassels (you can make your own or use these awesome, simple kits! I used 15 tassels on each of my honeycomb balls), gold washi tape, matching string or thread, and 1/2″ ribbon (or a fabric scrap, like I used).

Giant tassel pom

To make each tassel, lay out each individual sheet of tissue paper. You should have about 2 inches of uncut tissue paper in the middle of each sheet. Working with one sheet at a time, roll the tissue paper tightly along the uncut middle portion.

Twist the middle portion tightly. Then, twist the rolled piece and fold in half to make a loop. You may twist the bottom of the loop to keep it together, or use a tiny bit of hot glue to make the hold a little stronger. Finish by securing with washi tape.

Repeat until you have enough tassels. As mentioned above, I used 15 for each honeycomb ball.

Next, lay out your ribbon (cut it to the length you would like the tassel tail for your honeycomb ball -plus an extra 4 inches to place inside your honeycomb ball when you connect them). Instead of ribbon, I just cut some scrap fabric into 1/2″ strips.

Cut a 4″ piece of your string and thread through one of your tassels. Then double knot the string to connect it to the ribbon about 4″ from the end. This is where the tassel tail begins. Repeat until 5 tassels are tied to the ribbon, 4″ apart.

Next, hang the ribbon against a wall. You’ll be adding the remaining tassels, and hanging the ribbon makes it easier to see how the tassel tail will look when completed.

Add two more tassels to each tassel tied to the ribbon. Simply tape them the the original tassel.

Tape the top of the ribbon inside the honeycomb ball when you put it together. Make sure the first bunch of tassels on the ribbon meet right up with the bottom of the honeycomb ball.

And you’re done! Simply hang and get ready to party!

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