Banana split on a stick!

One of my favorite things to have growing up was a good ol’ classic banana split. I am a huge ice cream and fruit fan so mixing them together always made for the perfect treat! If you’re throwing a party or just having a little get together, banana splits can get messy so I decided to throw together these cute mini banana splits; a banana split on a stick to be exact. These are so easy to put together and have all ready to go for guests to snatch up and eat without worrying about a mess! You can use any fruits and toppings, of course, but I went ahead and stuck with some classics.

What you’ll need:

Fruit (I picked strawberries, bananas, and pineapple)

Chocolate syrup

Whip cream

Cake pop sticks (I used these and they were perfect!)


To start, cut up all of your fruit on a plate. Slice the strawberries sideways and make sure to cut the bananas in big chunks. I cut the pineapple on its own plate because it had a lot of juice so I kept it separate. You want the fruit to take up half or more of the stick so don’t be afraid to cut big pieces of all the fruit! Set fruit aside for a minute and get those cake pop sticks out.

Next, assemble your little banana split kabobs! Order doesn’t matter but I liked how it looked to put the fruit as strawberry on top, banana in the middle, and pineapple on the bottom of my stick. This can get a little messy because when you puncture the fruit, juice comes out! I moved my sticks to a different plate when I was ready to present them so it looked a lot cleaner.

Saving the best part for last! Drizzle chocolate all over those yummy fruit kabobs! You can also melt chocolate and dip the fruit as another option, too! Both taste just as delicious and are just as addicting. Top each strawberry with a dollop of whip cream to perfect your banana split on a stick.

Once you are done with your yummy treats, pop them in the freezer for 15-20 minutes or store them in the fridge to chill for an hour. I transferred the final product to a clean plate to make sure it looked pretty to serve! I used these cute striped plates to really give this treat a fun summery vibe. What is your favorite summer treat?



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