Summer BBQ Utensil Packet

It’s that time of the year where kids are in swimsuits all day, the lemonade is always iced, and the sky is preparing for fireworks. The only thing stronger than the smell of citronella is the smell of BBQ grills. Outdoor eating is what summer is made for. Also, summer is for being lazy and avoiding extra dishes as much as possible! That’s why I love wooden cutlery. It’s adorable, and disposable  -easy cleanup! These wooden cutlery packets are perfect for all your summer BBQs. They’re simple to assemble and add an extra element of cute to a simple night of burgers and potato salad.   Here’s what you’ll need: Cute little paper treat bags, wooden utensils, cute straws, napkins, scissors, stapler

First, cut about two inches off the top of your paper bags. You can use cool scissors to cut a pattern, or just a simple straight cut looks great too. For the tiny salt and pepper packets, you can use the piece you cut off the top of your bag. I cut mine about 1″ wide and then just glued the bottom and sides closed. Then I filled with about 1/2 tsp salt in one and pepper in the other. Then I folded the top down and stapled them to the front of the bag/packet. I labeled mine, but they’re kind of self-explanatory, so you don’t necessarily have to label them:)   Next, gather your wooden utensils and napkins (I put two in each), and place inside. Finish with a straw.

Now, go ahead and gather your friends and family and enjoy those burgers. The packets can be placed at individual place settings, or in a cute bundle at the end of a buffet line. Also, how cute would these be in a wedding? Choose bags that match the wedding colors and you have a cute hand made element to add to the wedding dinner.

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