Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

As spring quickly melts into summer (why does it always seem to happen so quickly??), it’s a great time for finding ways to brighten up your space. Adding beautiful pops of color, like fresh flowers, is one of my favorite ways to do this. But sometimes you really want something that will last the whole season (not just a week, then get all wilt-y and sad. Oh so sad.). Crepe paper flowers are such a great alternative to live flowers. They’re incredibly easy to make, and this DIY crepe paper flower wreath is a beautiful way to bring in those beautiful floral pops of color your home is craving.

Here is what you’ll need to get started: crepe paper in a beautiful array of colors, floral wire, floral tape, scissors, and an embroidery hoop (mine is 10″). First, cut the crepe paper into 3″ strips and then cut out a repeating shape along the width, as seen below. They definitely don’t need to be perfect. You can use the shapes shown below, or create your own. Next, wrap your first crepe paper piece around an 8″ piece of floral wire to create a flower center. I created a black fringe for most of my centers. Wrap the bottom  of your flower center tightly with floral tape and continue wrapping down the floral wire a little ways to keep it secure. Choose a bright color to wrap around the center. I made the shape of each layer wider as I moved from the center out. Once you have as many colors as you would like for your flower, cut out some leaf shapes. Add to your flower by wrapping the bottom of each leaf tightly with floral tape to the base of the flower and continue down the wire. Finish by wrapping almost the whole wire in floral tape, so the wire is hidden. You may need to “fluff” the petals a little to get the look you want. I love how easy the crepe paper was to work with in this project -the texture is amazing and holds its shape well.

Your first couple flowers may turn out a little funny (mine did), but once you have it down, you won’t be able to stop! Continue making flowers and leaves until you have a nice bunch that looks how you would like for your wreath.

The last step is so easy. Just wrap the flowers around the hoop. The wire holds them really well. And there you have it! A beautiful, springy pop of color for your home or front door. P.S. I decided to keep my wreath simple, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, make enough flowers to wrap around the whole wreath!

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