DIY Summer Wedding Glitter Vase



Wedding season is in full bloom! Getting married is so exciting and it’s so fun to see your vision come together as you prepare for your own wedding. As you search Pinterest for all the gorgeous decor and google this and that to buy everything you need, you might realize that weddings are expensive!! DIY weddings are so trendy and save you SO much money! One of the biggest and most memorable parts of weddings and receptions are the beautiful centerpieces people pick, but they can also be the most expensive part. Luckily, these sparkling glitter jars are not only a simple yet very elegant statement, they cost almost nothing and super easy to make yourself.

You will only need a few things to create these gorgeous glitter wedding vases:

Large 32oz mason jars (grab as many as you want! I like to put one on each table)

These cute little disposable cups for a no mess craft!

Any color of glitter that matches your wedding theme

Mod podge, I recommend the gloss finish for this craft

Paint brushes

Oh, and some beautiful flowers to fill these with!

Step one:

First you need to make the glitter mixture. Simply pour glitter into the disposable cup, as much as you think you’ll need! Then pour in about half as much mod podge on top and mix the two together. You want the mixture to be thick enough to still stick to the jar, but not too clumpy! It’s pretty easy to add a little more glitter or mod podge if needed.

Step two:

Next start painting your glitter mixture right onto your jar! It will look cloudy at first but when it dries, the mod podge will be clear and the glitter will look sparkly and pretty. I had to wait about 20 minutes for it to dry and I touched up a couple of places that needed some extra glitter. I also found that painting the jar while it is upside down worked easiest! I decided not to paint the rim just in case I want to put the lid on it later.

Step three:

Fill up your cute glittery jar with water and put your flowers in!

I made these for my wedding and I still use them today as centerpieces on our kitchen table. You can even use them in the kitchen as a cute utensil holder or just a pretty jar to store makeup brushes. The possibilities are endless! This is such a quick and easy craft to make by yourself and add the perfect extra touch to your wedding.

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