3 Must Have Photo Booth Props

It’s that time of year again where all sorts of events are starting to pop up more and more! One of my personal favorite things to participate in at any event is the photo booths. There’s always cute props to use and I always keep the pictures forever! They’re fun little reminders of that night and that specific event that I was able to go to. So what makes a photo booth so special? I would say it’s the props!! Without cute props, it wouldn’t be anything more than just a normal picture. Here are a few of my favorite props to use. They’re simple but they add so much to the pictures and memories made!

photo booth prop

1. Speech bubbles! No photo booth is complete without cute speech bubbles to hold up in each picture. They always add so much! I love these chalk board speech bubbles for obvious reasons. Firstly, they are customizable! I have weddings on my brain so I decided to write down some cute wedding words in my speech bubbles. Some other ones could easily say “bride” and “groom” to go with a wedding theme. If I were having a Christmas or Halloween party, I would write things like “Naughty” and “nice” or “boo!” to go with those themes! These are literally perfect for every photo booth. The best part? They are reusable so I am able to use them for all of my upcoming events!

2. Pom poms. Who doesn’t love some cute pom pom pictures? I would use these to get some really unique and fun pictures in a photo booth! They’re perfect for shaking and spinning, plus they are shiny and add so much to any normal picture.

3. Lastly, these confetti party poppers. Imagine a picture filled with tons and tons of confetti! I love those types of pictures and I think they are the cutest kind! Plus, what party is even complete without confetti? These are filled with hundreds of metallic gold confetti pieces that fill the air with a simple twist of the knob on the bottom. Those are my top three must haves when it comes to a photo booth. They’re all perfect and add so much to pictures! Plus, they’re sure to be a hit with every guest. What are your favorite photo booth props?

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