Mother’s Day Mini Doily Bouquets



Mother’s Day is quickly approaching -are you ready? If not, you still have time to quickly make your mom something unique and special. We all know you can never have enough flowers on Mother’s Day, so these quick little bouquets make awesome gifts for mom or decorations for a little Mother’s Day brunch.

Materials needed: paper doilies in whatever colors you want your bouquet, washi tape, paper straws, cute baker’s twine, scissors, kraft paper

Begin by cutting toward the center of one doily and then cutting out the center in a circle shape. Next, accordion fold the doily with 1/2″ folds. Then scrunch/twist the bottom and secure with about a 2″ long strip of washi tape. Each “flower” will use 3 of these “folded accordion doilies” (I wish there was a simpler name I could give these things. Doily bunchy? Cluster thing? Folded Petals? I think I’ll use that last one).

Once you have 3 taped “folded petals”, you’ll begin assembling the flower. Take one folded petal and attach it to the end of a straw. The straw is acting as the “stem” for the flower. I wrapped the tape around the straw a few times to keep the doily secure. Add the next folded petal, and then the third. You may need to “fluff” the doilies a little when you’re done to help hide any empty spaces on the flower:)

For my bouquet, I used 3 flowers. Feel free to make more or less depending on the overall effect you desire. I then arranged them a little then taped the straws together where they met in the middle. Next, I wrapped the bouquet in a square of kraft paper and finished by tying it closed with some baker’s twine. I had to cut a few inches off the ends of the straw “stems” so they fit better in the wrapping.

These would look great as part of each place setting at a spring Mother’s Day Brunch. They also look awesome next to a box of chocolates and card for the best mom ever;)

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