Cute summer day date

Is it just me or is summer coming so quickly?! I am welcoming it with open arms and decided to get a head start on embracing these warm days as spring transitions into summer! It was in the 80’s last week so the weather was perfect and there was an amazing breeze that I could not ignore.  I love doing new things with my husband so I grabbed these cute mason jars and daisy cut lids, striped paper straws, some strawberries, lemonade, my favorite beach blanket, and these cute metallic tattoos  to create a fun boho and summery little snack picnic to set up on the dock by our house.

These little staples just scream summer to me! It was so relaxing just talking and sipping our lemonade as the water kissed the shore.

I can not get over those straws!! I just think they are so cute and worked out perfectly with my picnic plan.

I brought the tattoos with us hoping to add one to my ankle and of COURSE I forgot scissors and water to apply them with!! I would have started with the second one in. How cute are they?! They’re so fun because they’re metallic and temporary! So I could have it for as long as I wanted.

When it comes to things like this, I am a all about those little details! These confetti dots were so cute strewn all over the blanket of our little picnic. They added the perfect little pops of color! Plus I was all heart eyes for those baby blues

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