Wheat grass wedding decor

Freshen up your summer wedding with fresh wheat grass! No we don’t want you to juice it and serve it, but we do want you to use it to brighten up your buffets and tablescapes. The best part of growing wheat grass is that you can start it about two weeks before the big day and with a couple sprays of water a day you’re set.

To get started you will need: mason jars, potting soil, wheat berry sends, and a spray bottle for water. You can purchase wheat berry seeds at your local health food store by the pound. We used red wheat berries. The first thing you do is soak them in water for about 12 hours. After 12 hours drain the water. Leave the berries in the jar for 3 days rinsing and draining them a couple of times each day, but no longer soaking them. After three days they will start to sprout so once the sprouts are about as long as the original seed you know you’re ready to plant.

On day three fill your mason jars up with potting soil (almost all the way full) and get the soil wet. Put the wheat berries on top of the soil in a single layer. Easy right?

For the next two weeks you will want to keep the wheat berries wet with a spray bottle. We sprayed them about 4-5 times daily and placed them in a windowsill with some natural light.

The wheat grass grows so fast you will have so much fun checking on your wheat berry seeds every day.

There are so many fun ways to display your wheat grass. We decided to show you how you can use them as a buffet tags. Write your menu items on small pieces of paper and tape onto paper straws.  Position the straws into the grass for a colorful display on your buffet table. You can also do something like this for table numbers for centerpieces.

And here’s the final product on day 12! You have a few days of good looking grass to work with so don’t stress too much to do them exactly twelve days before needed. Wrap the jars up with assorted ribbon in your wedding colors and bring in other fun summer display items to put them with.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to tag us @justartifacts in all your party happenings. We love to see what our creative customers come up with!

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