DIY painted wooden cuttlery

Summer is JUST around the corner and I am transitioning my house to all things color! I love these wooden utensils but wanted to spice them up a little.  There’s unlimited possibilities to what colors you can pick which makes this even better!! Plus, it’s super easy to do and with some dishwasher safe mod podge to finish these, you can reuse them!

Supplies you’ll need:

Wooden utensils

Ice cream cups (for the paint)


Dishwasher safe mod podge if you plan on reusing these.


To get started, grab as many of the utensils that you plan on painting and add a little piece of tape on the handle. Doing this will ensure that you have a clean line when you’re painting! I decided to leave about an inch of extra room on the handle for mine.

Squirt some paint into each of your cute ice cream cups and set that aside for one more second. Get creative! I picked some simple pastels because I love how they contrasted with the wood. When I make more, I want to use a seafoam green and gold. Maybe even a gold glitter, the possibilities are literally endless.

Grab a few more cups and poke holes onto the bottoms with the different utensils so that you have them ready when it’s time to dry your cute new cutlery! With the spoons, I just laid them on the sides of the cups and it worked out perfectly.

Now it’s time to get started! Be sure to paint both sides and the edges of each piece of cutlery. You only need one coat on each side. When you’re done with each one, place it into the coordinating hole on the cups to dry. Wait about 10 minutes and voila! You just made yourself the cutest set of cutlery you’ll ever see. Like I mentioned above, if you plan on reusing these cuties, be sure to seal them with a 3 layers of dish washer safe mod podge. Be sure to read the instructions to see how long they need to cure if you do choose to add mod podge to them.

Such a quick and easy project with only a few supplies needed. These are perfect for everyday use or even to add something special to an exciting event! What colors would you use?!



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