40th birthday party ideas!

Whether it’s a spouse, a sibling, a best friend, or anyone in between, turning 40 is a pretty big deal. Make it an even bigger deal with the perfect party decorations!! Here at Just Artifacts we have a fun selection of printables. One of our printables is an invitation to a 40th birthday party with matching thank you notes that you can customize for the birthday party. Today we wanted to show you some fun party ideas to go along with our 40th birthday invitations.

Our printable comes in blue and black chevron so we wanted to stick with that color scheme for our entire party theme. We started with the table cloth and continued on with matching tableware. Cutlery, napkins, plates, cups, straws, etc. Once you know your menu, you’ll know what you need.

We thought it would be fun to add in the number 40 as much as possible to rub it in a little. We cut out some little 40s and used them for straw toppers. Tape would work, but we used a dab of hot glue to make sure they were secure. We also threw in some mustaches as well to add some variety.

Are you sending some treats home with your guests? Be sure to throw some 40s on your treat bags as well.

You can also add some to your ice cream cups. You can never have too many reminders of the big milestone. How fun do these all go together!?!

Finally we bring it all together with this fun selection of hanging decor! We started with a tissue fan and added a big 4-0 to it. We added some streamers heading off from the center and then started adding more decor as we worked our way outward. We tried to keep it balanced and bold. We used balloons (blown up about half way to capacity), tissue honeycombs, tissue fans, and paper pinwheels. It’s fun mixing and matching colors with the different decor. It adds dimension and makes the blue really pop.

Do you know anyone creeping up on the big 40 this year? Be sure to recognize their big day and celebrate in a big way! Check out our entire line up of printables! There’s something for everyone!!!

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