Tissue flower straw toppers

Tissue flowers are equal parts feminine and whimsical. For today’s tutorial we want to show you how we add these darling tissue flowers onto straws to create a party perfect beverage.

For these flowers you will need three colors of 6″ tissue poms. We used carnation pink, ivory, and evergreen. You will also need some paper straws, washi tape and a pair of scissors.

The tissue poms come in multiple layers of tissue paper. You will start with one layer from each color. Once you have seperated each layer you will cut them all in half.

Cut each sheet of tissue paper differently to add texture and dimension to your flower. Your ivory tissue will act as the pollen.Fold the ivory tissue in half and cut a half circle. Don’t worry about cutting a perfect circle, once finalized no one will even notice. Cut the edges of your pink tissue into scallops similar to the other two sides.  This is the petal of your flower so try to round the corners as much as you can. We folded out green tissue two times then snipped jagged edges.  The more you play around with the different shapes and cuts, the more each flower will be unique.

Once you have all three layers cut you will lay them on top of each other: green, pink, then white.

Pick up the three layers together and pinch the centerand start twisting it tightly. As you twist, the back of the the tissue layers will start folding.  Keep twisting until you have about 1/2″-1″ stem .

Use a piece of tape about 6″ long and wrap it around the stem and straw.

Pop the straw into a mason jar with a daisy lid and fill with your beverage of choice. With all the color options of tissue poms we have available we cannot wait to see what you come up!!

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