Bright and colorful Easter cupcakes

Forget the pastels this Easter season and embrace the bright and colorful world around you. Today we are brightening up some cupcakes with the season’s hottest colors! We wanted to stick with the basic color scheme of pink, yellow, and blue because it is Easter after all, but we brightened up the hues and went to town. Grab some paper straws and a few extra supplies and you’ll have the most fun set of cupcakes you’ve ever laid your eyes on!

We want to share some close ups of these beauties with you today to get your creative juices flowing. First up we have the Happy Easter banner. We used two cupcakes and stretched a banner between them. We tied some baker’s twine between the two straws and topped them off with some washi tape flags on top. We found some fun Easter stickers which made for easy hanging on the twine.

These next cupcakes are way too easy. All you do is cut your straw to the desired length and put a sticker at the top. The fun thing with these cupcakes is that you can cut the straws to all different lengths to add variety and dimension to your lay out.

Sugary marshmallows come in fun and bright colors and are an easy cupcake topper solution. Another idea is to grab some plastic Easter eggs and fill them up with candies and stick them on top! Little people will be sure to grab them as fast as they can.

To add even more color and fun to your cupcakes, use some bright napkins, ice cream cups (upside down) and confetti. It will bring out all the fun colors in all of your cupcakes. Do you think that decorating all the cupcakes differently sounds like more fun or just more work? What do you think of the bright colors for Easter decorating this year? Are you hoping to try it. Check out our Pinterest page for even more fun and colorful party ideas.

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