DIY Bunny Plate

Bunny fever is upon us once again! Hop right into the season add a special touch to your Easter brunch. Whether you’re serving up carrot cake or lettuce wraps, your friends are bound to enjoy these extra special touches to their Easter meal. This is one of those very simple tasks that can make a huge impact.

Create some  bright and colorful tableware bunnies with pattern paper party plates and cups, colored paper, and glue. Hot glue will dry quickly and stay secure but craft glue works just as great.

Easily create your cotton tailed friends’ ears with colorful paper.  Trace or sketch the shape of your bunny ears and then put your scissors to work.. Attach your ears with a small dab of glue on the back edge of your plate. Easy peasy.

Follow the same process for your paper cups. As an added bonus we gave our little rabbit a tiny cotton tail.

Creating a napkin bow-tie is just as simple as our bunny ears! Place the wooden cutlery and drinking straw on your napkin. Pinch the middle of the napkin together closely  and secure with bakers twine in a simple loop.Fluff the ends of your bow tie and you now can accessorize your sweet little bunny.

your cutlery bow doubles as both a bow-tie and a hair bow! Place your bow at the base of your plate or near your bunny ears. Mix and match plates and cups to create colorful spring patterns. With so many bright and cheerful options, there is no need to make each bunny place setting the same!

Are you having an Easter brunch this year? What are your favorite food items to serve for brunch? Yogurt and waffle bars are always a crowd favorite. Check out our pinterest page for even more ideas and inspiration!

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