DIY Leprechaun

Every party needs a good conversation piece right?!  Today we are sharing a fun DIY tutorial  that will definitely give your guests something to talk about. It’s your very own leprechaun decoration.

You will start with a single tissue pom. Any color will do, but we started with white. You can also use any size, but we decided to make ours medium sized.

The first thing we made for him was a hat. We used a little bit of tape and a little bit of hot glue. We cut a circle out of some grey card stock paper. We cut a smaller circle out of the middle of it so that we can hang it from the ceiling. We then used the same color paper and glued it around the main circle to make the top of the hat. For a little extra sparkle we added a strip of glittery gold paper around it.

Next we added some arms and legs. We used 12″x 12″green glitter paper and cut it into strips. We glued two strips together to make the arms and legs extra long. We then folded them like accordions. We added some little shoes and mittens on the ends. We used a low heat glue gun and glued the arms and legs into the tissue pom. Be sure to use caution when using the glue gun with the tissue paper since it may melt or tear easily.

To finish him off, we made our leprechaun a beard and mustache. Of course they’re orange, he’s Irish. We attached them with glue so that they could hang on the ends. Be sure to display your leprechaun in a prominent place so he doesn’t get ignored and be sure to keep him up all month long!!

Do you like to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you think this little leprechaun will go with your other decor? Is this a project you would have fun doing or would you be willing to let your kids do it? Be sure to check out our entire line up of St. Patrick’s Day necessities!

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