St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Party

Are you feeling lucky?? Nothing says Happy St. Patrick’s Day quite like rainbows and clovers. Today we have some fun and fresh holiday ideas for you to get into the Irish holiday. Whether you’re having friend over for beer and brats or filling your house with tiny leprechauns, this will be a sure way to get everyone excited to find the gold at the end of the rainbow.

First up we have this fun washi tape clover. Have you worked with washi tape before? Whether or not you have, this is an easy project that you can whip up in no time. First you draw or print (depending on how artistic you are) a clover in the size you want. Make sure you use card-stock or a thick paper. Choose washi tapes in an array of colors and place them across the clover one by one in the order that you want. Once you are have covered the whole clover, cut it out and paste it onto plain white paper. Frame it and you’re done!

Next we have the lucky banner which was also very easy to put together. We used a colorful assortment of paper treat bags. We cut out our “LUCKY” letters from card-stock and pasted them on. We folded down the tops of the bags backward and taped them down. Then we looped the folded part through with some baker’s twine for easy hanging! The bright colors make it so that you don’t need anything extra, except that cute little clover at the end of course.

When planning the tableware for the party be sure to grab each item in a different color to brighten things up and continue the rainbow theme.

Our rainbow tassel consists of multiple sets of three paper tissue tassels in bold and vibrant colors. Create your rainbow shape by hanging the tassels in an upside down arch. You can hang your rainbow tassel garland using pushpins on each end. Allow some slack so the garland droops a tad in the middle. Left the middle of the garland and use another pushpin or tape to secure the top of your arch. Continue to use pushpins or tape to shape and curve your rainbow.  A fun yellow pinwheel helped create our sun and some white tissue poms as clouds.

What do you like to do for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you usually remember to wear green or do you always get pinched? These rainbow ideas would also be fun for a birthday party or baby shower. Be sure to use #justartifacts in all your social media so we can see what you’re up to!

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