Last minute Valentine Gifts

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday!! Are you ready? Just in case you’re not ready and not quite sure what to get your special Valentine this year, we have come up with some quick and easy gift ideas for you. Whether you’re buying for your special someone, a coworker, a family member, or the mailman we’ve got something for you.

A blanket: A new soft and cozy blanket is just the ticket to keep your Valentine warm this winter. This is a gift that will make them think of you every time they go to use it.

A membership:  Think outside the box for this one. What does your Valentine like to do for fun. Maybe they would like a massage membership. Maybe they would like a membership to the local golf club or art museum. Try to think of something that they would enjoy and that maybe you can tag along once in a while.

A gift card: There’s no love like the love of a fresh cup of brewed coffee or a treat from a favorite bakery. What about a restaurant gift card for lunch or dinner? When it comes to gift cards the sky’s the limit. You can get gift cards to hardware stores, clothing stores, venues, you name it, they have it. Make it thoughtful though and really think about where you’re Valentine would be least likely to spend money on and go for that.


Tickets: Giving the gift of an experience is getting popular these days to get on board if you’re not all ready. Maybe your Valentine enjoys an exciting basketball game or car race? Maybe their favorite band is coming through town in the next couple months. Maybe they’d enjoy an orchestra concert or a local play. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to buy at least two tickets so they can take your or someone else with them.

Donuts: Because everyone loves donuts.

What do you have planned for this weekend? Do you like exchanging gifts with the ones you love or do you prefer spending quality time together? Whatever you do, we wish you a happy and safe Valentine’s Day!!

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