Witches’ Night Out

Calling all witches!! Put away those broomsticks and take a break from making spells and come enjoy a night out with all your best friends! You may think that Halloween is just for kids, but we all know better. Today we have a spooky party set up for you and all your favorite witches to enjoy.

The backdrop:

Knowing that this party was aimed for all girls we wanted to make it sparkly and glittery. We started with glitter paper lanterns in gold and silver. We also added in a black one as well and hung them from the ceiling. We hung up a black sheet for the background. We cut out stars from silver glitter card stock and a moon from gold glitter card stock. For the witch silhouette we used purple glitter card stock.

The food table:

Nothing says party like a fabulous spread of goodies. With a perfect combination of salty and sweet you’re bound to please all your witchy guests. For the table we used a white table cloth and spread a spooky black table runner over it. We used purple glitter spiders to decorate the table runner. For the centerpiece we placed a box in the middle and draped it with some Halloween fabric. We used the box to hold the wooden cutlery in mason jars along with a spooky light up tree. We filled up treat cups with candies and spread them throughout the table. We set out purple party plates and party napkins for the guests to use.

The beverage table:

Off to the other side of the room we had our beverage table. By having them in separate areas it keeps your guests moving. We continued with our purple theme from the plates and napkins and added in some black as well. We used a tray with some extra festive decor to hold the party cups and Halloween paper straws. We hung some fun decorations and finished off the water dispenser with a witch’s hat to add the perfect touch!

Whatever you end up doing for your Halloween party, be sure to check out our entire line up of Halloween party supplies. We have you covered for everything from washi tape to tissue tassels. And for even more party ideas check out our Pinterest page.

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