Winter Hot Chocolate Bar

Baby it’s getting cold outside so gather your friends and cozy up with warm blankets and steamy hot chocolate. Today we have a hot chocolate party that will keep you warm all evening long and possibly coming back for more. With so many flavors of hot chocolate these days and variations of toppings, you’ll be sure to please the palate of all your guests.

As the winter season approaches we get giddy for that first snowfall. We opted for a cool winter snow theme to balance the warmth of the hot cocoa. White with shades of blue create a cool and comforting atmosphere. For the back drop we gathered a few white paper pinwheels and blue tissue paper fans and arranged them behind the table. We added a couple honeycomb tissue balls to the table to add some dimension and color.

However you like to serve hot chocolate is up to you, but a hot chocolate machine will whip up a nice frothy cup of cocoa in no time. We have wooden spoons for mixing, paper straws for sipping, and party napkins for keeping tidy.

An ice cream cup is the perfect solution for serving up your favorite hot cocoa toppings. Whether it’s cinnamon sticks or marshmallows they’ll fit perfectly in your little cups.


Be sure to check out our vast array of colorful confetti. We filled up one of our clear jumbo latex balloons with blue, white, and silver confetti before filling it up with helium. We added a couple more regular latex balloons to complete the party.

Whether you serve the cocoa in paper cups or mason jars, don’t forget the straws! If you have little guests, you can cut the straws a little shorter to help them not spill so easily.

The final touches for our party included plastic snowflakes, fake snow, a couple of our favorite decorations in white, and of course white Christmas lights. Other topping ideas include whipped cream, drink flavors, chocolate chips, so many options! This is a perfect party set up for a winter bridal shower, a baby shower, book club, a family gathering, or any type of get together with your closest friends. They’ll be sure to love it!!

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