Tips to host a gingerbread cookie decorating party for kids!

1: Everyone gets the same. That’s right. When dealing with kids and candy and cookies, everyone gets the same. The same everything! The same number of cookies, positioned in the same way. The same number of candies, presented the same way. The same color plates and napkins. By providing everyone with the same exact set up then there will be no fighting, whining, or complaining, plus it makes your life easier.

2: Prepare everything ahead of time…everything. The table needs to be covered. The cookies need to be baked, cooled, and positioned on the plates. The frosting needs to be bagged and ready. The candies need to be sorted. Snacks, drinks, cups, and straws ready to be served. If you have everything ready before the guests arrive, the whole party will go so much more smoothly for you.


3: Provide a drink and salty snack. We all know there will be a kid or two there that will have more fun eating the candy out of the cups than actually using it to decorate the cookies. Or maybe they just eat the frosting straight from the bag. Be sure to provide something salty to off set all the sugar consumption. Popcorn is always a good idea. And be sure to have something to wash it all down. Milk is always a safe bet when working with cookies.

4: Find an easy craft. It’s inevitable that some kids will finish decorating their cookies long before others. Be sure to have a simple craft or coloring sheet on hand to keep their hands busy while everyone is finishing up. If possible, keep them at the table as long as you can, as long as they aren’t disrupting others. By keeping all the kids at the table then it’s more likely they will all finish what they started, eat their snack, and make fewer messes in the rest of the house.

5: Let the kids be kids!! Let them decorate their cookies however they want. Let them eat the candies. Let them laugh and giggle. Let them take their time and be careful. By allowing the kids to just do what they want to do everyone will have more fun and you’ll be less stressed! It’s a win win for everyone.

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