Thanksgiving Dinner Kids’ Table

After all the effort of making Thanksgiving dinner do you just want the luxury of sitting through ten minutes of your meal without the interruption of the kids running around?!? We have the perfect solution! Create a dinner atmosphere that will make them want to stay at the table all day. Well maybe not all day, but hopefully for at least ten minutes.

Start your table off right. Wrap white butcher paper around the table and tape it under the table so it doesn’t move around.

We went with a fall color scheme of orange, red, and yellow and chose striped products for our kids’ table. Start setting the table with your favorite coordinating party paper cups and party paper plates.

Prior to the day of Thanksgiving, tie a napkin up with some baker’s twine and slide a paper straw and wooden fork into it. Be sure to make enough for all the kids at the table. Place them on the table.

On top of the plates find a fun way to display place settings. We used a pine cone with a personalized paper gift tag and placed them on top of the plates.

The final touch to the table is treat bags filled with goodies. We hid them underneath the silverware so hopefully they wouldn’t get discovered too early and defeat the purpose of having them. Inside the treat bags we gave each kid a sheet of stickers, some crayons, and a little treat. The crayons and stickers are to be used on the butcher paper table cloth, and the treat is to keep them quiet while they do it.

Here’s a close up of the place setting and of the treat bag goodies. These are fun because you can personalize what’s inside for each of the guests and their ages.

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Do you do something special for the kids’ table? What else would you include in the treat bags? Do you like the idea of paper plates for everyone or for just the kids?

Click here to see check out how we set the adult table last year. Check out our new Thanksgiving gathering printable invitations! And, as always you can follow us on Pinterest for even more festive ideas and inspiration.

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