Sky Lantern Date Night

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we can’t help but think of unique ways to celebrate the ones we love. What is more romantic than a cozy picnic for two, discussing life together, and sending sweet thoughts into the sky. You can re-create this special evening for two wherever you are. Here in Arizona the weather is just right for an outdoor picnic, but if you don’t have that luxury, have a picnic inside. Keep it simple and sweet and perfect for the two of you.

Grab your favorite basket and start filling it up! You will want all your favorite easy to pack, serve, and eat foods. No need to complicate things. Fresh veggies, fruit, cheese, and meats that pair well. Don’t forget something to drink!

You will also need some supplies for serving everything up. You can pre wrap some wooden utensils with straws into napkins, just tie them off with some baker’s twine. You will also need some cups and plates as well. Throw in a marker of some sort as well while you’re packing up and a sky lantern or two. You will also need a long lighter.



While you’re sitting and enjoying your food, you can talk about your lives together. Take a moment and write something on the sky lantern. Something meaningful to the two of you. It can be a sweet sentiment, a poem, a memory, or future hopes and dreams.

Once your bellies are full and the sun is setting, it’s time for your sky lantern. Light up your lantern and stand together as it fills up, looking ahead into the future. Set it off and watch it glide into the sky taking your sweet thoughts with it!

How do you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you prefer a quiet night at home or an exciting night out? Do you like the idea of a simple meal or do you like making fancy meals to celebrate. From all of us here at Just Artifacts, we wish you a very sweet and Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Each county and state has specific rules about setting off sky lanterns. Be sure to check with local policy before sending your sweet thoughts into the air.

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