Pink and Gold Baby Shower

Pink is the perfect color to welcome a new baby girl into the world. Pair it with gold and you’re set to raise a princess. Today’s post today is all about the perfect touches to hosting a perfect shower for a perfect baby girl. Just Artifacts has you covered for all your decorating needs. Just add some delectable treats and a little love and you’re set to make the “mom to be” feel like royalty.

We were really excited to incorporate the new flower tissue poms into the background. They really tied everything together perfectly between the table and the decorations. When hanging decorations on walls it is more pleasing to look at when there is an odd number of items. This is why we did a few pink poms and a couple of gold ones. The different sizes and shapes of the poms do make a difference. The gold poms we used are a smaller size than the pink ones.

The fresh flowers on the table paired with the lanterns give the table a more comfortable and sweet touch. Add in a couple of baby girl printables in frames and you can’t go wrong.

Delicious (and pretty) treats are a must! For this shower we had a couple difference types of cookies and treats, a selection of salads, some tasty little sandwiches, and fresh fruit and veggies. It was a perfect combination for a light lunch spent with close friends and family.

The drink table was just off to the side. Again, we hung some tissue poms above and then tied everything in together with fresh flowers and a lantern. By doing food and drinks separate, but in the same room, it keeps the crowd moving.

Do you have a shower coming up? Boy or girl? Are you loving the trend of gold accents or do you like more bright colors together? What’s your favorite color combination for baby girl? Be sure to check out our pinterest page for even more great ideas!

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