Holiday Treat Gift Wrapping

Nothing says “love” like putting in the time and energy it takes to make homemade treats during the busy holiday season for all your close friends, family, and co workers. If you’re going to put in the effort to make the treats, why not make them look amazing while you’re at it! Here at Just Artifacts we have just what you need to make your treats stand out from the rest, aside from how delicious they are of course. We have some fun ideas for you today to get you in the right holiday treat giving spirit!

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what you’re baking this year and use that to guide your treat box purchases. If you’re just serving it up to guests don’t forget things like party hats to add to the display!

Ice cream cups are very versatile. Whether you’re filling them up and wrapping up the whole thing, or just sticking little treats inside, you really can’t go wrong. Add in wooden cutlery for some functional decoration. Don’t forget hanging gift tags with washi tape and baker’s twine to add the final personal touch to each gift.

Sugar cookies are always a good idea. Use some party napkins to line up some fry boxes or popcorn boxes and fill them up with your homemade cookies (or store bought if that’s your thing). Mix and match your favorite holiday colors and patterns to change things up a bit.

You can add colorful touches with gift tags, festive ribbons, candy canes, or just leave them as is! There are so many options to making your treat stand out from the rest this holiday season! What are your favorite treats to pass out during the holidays? Which type of treat box best fits your needs, or do you like the idea of mixing them all up? Do you like receiving homemade treats during the holidays? Be sure to check out our entire line up of Christmas supplies for all your holiday party and gift giving needs!


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