Halloween Crafts with Just Artifacts

Whether you’re planning a party for kids or just looking for an after school activity we have a fun project just for you! Halloween is full of all sorts of characters like witches and mummies and today we are sharing a way to bring them to life with supplies from Just Artifacts. It will be sure to keep even the smallest of your friends busy and having fun.

The first step is to gather all your extra paper party cups, popcorn boxes, ice cream cups, paper party plates, paper straws, baker’s twine and washi tapes. While you’re at it, grab any other craft supplies you may have on hand like pipe cleaners, duct tape, feathers, ribbon, scissors, glue, and you can’t forget some googly eyes.

In addition to making some typical Halloween characters, we also came up with the idea to do animals dressed up in costumes. We made Frankenstein by starting with a popcorn box and using some striped washi tape for his hair, a paper straw for his mouth and another through his head, some pipe cleaner for his scar, and googly eyes to finish him off. For the cat mummy we used some white duct tape around a paper cup. Then added his face and ears with pipe cleaner and then added some eyes. The bunny vampire was made with ribbon, pipe cleaners, and eyes. With adult supervision a hot glue gun is the way to go for securing on the parts.

We added a turkey into the mix in case you need a fun idea for Thanksgiving coming up. Just add some feathers to the back of a popcorn box, paper straws for feet, and a little gobbler on the front. Because it is right side up you can even use it to fill with treats for the big day.

When starting with the right supplies and a little inspiration, you never know what you’ll end up with. Be sure to check out the spooky tissue paper tassel garland kit to make the craft table more festive and some plastic tablecloths for easy clean up. Stop by our Halloween section to take care of all your needs for your upcoming Halloween festivities.

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