Gift Wrapping Made Fun

The holiday season is in full swing. With that comes the chance to reflect on the year and all of those people around us who have given of themselves to make our lives a little bit better. Now is your chance to show all of the important ones how much you appreciate all they have done for you. Whether your gift is something small, something that comes in a big box, or anything in between we have some fun ideas for you to spruce up your gift. Because with this season of giving, why not add a little extra love?!?

When it comes to presents, tissue poms are like bows, but with more pizzazz. When you’re all done wrapping your gift, fluff out a pom and stick it on top. Poms come in all sizes so be sure to choose the size that’s right for you. When your done fluffing it out, push all the layers to one side so that it will lay flat on your gift.

Have fun with paper snack bags! With all of the color and design options you will find what you are looking for. You can cut them up and wrap them around your gifts. Or cut them into triangles to make a mini flag bunting. With washi tape, baker’s twine, and gift tags, the options are endless!

Seriously how darling are these paper pinwheels on a gift. If you don’t have mini stockings you can put anything in the center like a picture of the gift receiver, a little note or card, or anything else that’s fun or silly. Once you open the pinwheel and seal it with the sticky backing, just cut off the ends of the cardboard to make a perfect circle. Then you’re all set!

When gifting small items like treats or gift cards, mason jars are always a perfect solution for wrapping them up. Top the jar with a daisy lid, wrap some cellophane around it, tape a wooden spoon on it and you’re done. The surprise is what’s inside!

We know that these ideas will make gift giving way more fun that gift getting. So happy gift wrapping and we wish you all a safe and stress free holiday season!


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