Easy New Years Eve Party Ideas!

2015 is coming to an end! Did you accomplish all of your new year’s resolutions of the year. It’s amazing how quickly time flies by. Whether or not you got everything done you wanted to this year, there’s not time to start over like the beginning of the new year, so let’s celebrate. Grab all your best friends and get ready to PAR-TAY! Today we have 4 easy ideas for your big celebration this year.

Start with a color scheme or a theme. Start with some festive colors and a theme and it will make the rest of planning so much easier and much more fun. We decided to do a “Be the Queen in 2016” theme which made it easy to pick some royal colors: black, purple, and gold. Be the queen. Don’t let the little things get in your way, take back your life, and don’t be afraid of making tough choices.

Plan a count down game. For our game we planned an “activity” for every 15 minutes starting at 11:00. This will keep the guests busy and having fun. Post the times somewhere where everyone can see them. Then when that time hits, take it down and the activity will be posted on the back. Here are a few ideas we thought might be fun for your 2016 NYE party.

      • Have a contest for the longest handstand. Then the most push-ups.
      • Turn on Adele’s “Hello” and have everyone sing along.
      • Have a dance competition.
      • Go around the room and everyone has to tell their favorite memory from 2015.


Decorate to impress. It’s amazing how far a few lanterns and tissue balls will go. Hang a couple or hang a bunch and your guests will be impressed. Make sure you have a designated photo backdrop. Plan your decorations around your theme and colors. Have fun with it, it’s New Years!

You can never have too much food. Set out some delicious appetizers and desserts. Don’t forget your favorite bubbly beverage to bring in the new year. Set out your matching tableware to accentuate your decor and to make clean up much easier.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans this year? Are you hosting the party or showing up somewhere else? Or are you staying home with the family? Whatever your plans are, have fun! Don’t forget to use #justartifacts to let us see what you’re up to!

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