DIY Paper Lantern Ornaments

It’s time to grab your craft supplies and start trimming your tree and decking your halls! We are so excited about this holiday season and today’s tutorial is sure to get you excited too. With just a little bit of hands on time you can personalize your own tree and home and get ready to welcome Santa!

Before you start you will need some 3 inch mini paper lanterns in red, green, and white. Make sure you have enough to fill up your tree. You also need some ribbon and card stock, preferably with glitter. We also used a paper cutter, a hotglue gun, scissors, and tape.

To make the ornament, cut off about 12 inches of ribbon and slip it through the top of your lantern and tie it off with a knot. Next we make the ornament topper by using the paper cutter cut the card stock about a half inch thick. Measure how long it needs to be by using the opening of the lantern, then close it off with tape. Slip the ribbon through your new hoop and use your hot glue gun to secure it to the top of the lantern. That’s it! Unless of course you want to use your ribbon to add a little pizazz to your ornament lantern.

Now that you know the steps, here comes the fun part. You don’t have to stop at the mini paper lanterns. This tutorial works great for all our paper lantern sizes and patterns. Think of all the options you have! We especially love the lanterns with patterns. All you have to do is add the ornament topper and the hanging ribbon and the pattern takes over the rest!

Next let’s use some tissue honeycomb balls and your options increase even more. For the honeycomb balls you don’t need to glue on the top of the ornament if you are hanging it. You can just set the ornament topper right on it. If you aren’t hanging it up then you can use a couple dabs of glue to stick it on, you don’t want to melt the tissue paper.

For the larger ornaments you can use them in a photo booth, decorating your home for a holiday party, hanging around your mantle, or hanging them in trees (as long as there’s no rain or snow in the forecast). We know you will love how fun these are and how easy they are to make! Be sure to check out our entire inventory of paper lanterns and honeycomb balls!

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