DIY Cake Stand

Maybe you’re looking for a perfect gift for a best friend or sister or even a mother in law (who are always tricky to shop for). Maybe you are just looking for a way to spruce up your next party. Whatever the reason is, this project is destined to be a favorite. Today we have the simple steps it takes to make your own custom cake/treat stand.

The first step is the most fun. Head to your favorite local hobby store, thrift or antique store, or any type of home goods store. Pick out your favorite plate or dish as well as a candle holder or glass that will go well with it. Ceramic is best for this project, we used a candle holder and a plate. Make sure there is a somewhat flat surface on both the plate and the cup. You will be gluing the flat surfaces together so the more flat surface area, the better.

The only other thing you will need for this project is a good adhesive glue. We used Gorilla Glue, but anything similar is fine. Once you gather your supplies you are ready to get to work.

Clean the areas on your dishes before getting started. Follow the directions on the glue label. For the Gorilla glue you have to moisten the areas before applying the adhesive. Apply the adhesive on either the plate or the cup. We flipped the candle holder upside down and applied the adhesive to the outer edge that sticks up. We didn’t use any adhesive on the plate.

You need to find a way to apply pressure to the pieces as they set. We kept the stand upside down and then stacked books on top. It needs to set for a couple of hours so just leave it in a room and walk away.

After you have completed all the adhesive directions you are all set to go! With so many different dish options out there the possibilities are endless. Like we said, these will make great gifts, liven up a party, or even add decor to your kitchen. How big or small you make it is up to you. How fun would it be to make a whole bunch of coordinating cake stands to use on a buffet table at an event or wedding. Have fun with this and be sure to use #justartifacts in all your social media. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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